3 Words of Emuna: Now in Spanish!

"Tres palabras de Emuná" es una guía práctica sobre las tres palabras más importantes de la Torá: En Od Milevadó y su asombroso poder para liberar a una persona de la ansiedad y las emociones negativas. Con una claridad sin precedentes, el rabino Brody también explica los tres principios fundamentales de emuná, la base de la fe pura y completa, y la clave para obtener la paz interior y una vida feliz.

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Introducing the New Chassidic Pearls

With Hashem's loving grace, we're delighted to introduce the new revised edition of Chassidic Pearls.

“Chassidic Pearls” is a delightful collection of our original parables that elaborate on the weekly Torah portions. The book brings the flavor of the 19th Century Eastern European hamlet to the family Sabbath table. With the help of this book, anyone can say over beautiful elaborations of the weekly Torah portion and make the make the Torah come alive for the whole family. You'll meet the village matchmaker, the water-carrier, the blacksmith and more, all who teach unforgettable lessons in life that engrave themselves on the hearts of readers, young and old. You'll love this book, available in deluxe softcover or ebook.

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Meet Old Isaac

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I'd like to introduce you to Old Isaac the innkeeper. Old Isaac is an allegorical character, but I've had the privilege learning from several saintly and scholarly individuals who resemble Old Isaac in every way.

Old Isaac the innkeeper transcends time. He looks like a combination of Rip Van Winkle, Elijah the Prophet, and Heidi's Alpine grandfather. He's as massive as a medium-sized Brahma bull, but as gentle as a lamb. He loves people. You'll be amazed how much he loves and understands you in particular.

Look at the picture, above. That's him standing over there on the front porch of his quaint country inn, in his black-leather knee-high Cossack boots, sheepskin vest, and Ukrainian fur cap. Don't be shy – go say hello. You're about to receive the warmest greeting you can imagine. Old Isaac's semi-tooth smile is as warm as summer sunlight...

* * *

Few of us are aware of our souls. Spiritually, we barely know ourselves. That's problematic, because emotions stem from the soul. The turbulent emotions of frustration, anxiety, and especially anger come from torn and damaged souls. We owe ourselves the freedom from the chains of these turbulent emotions, but do we dare dream about a life of inner peace? Is an anger-free life really within an average person's reach? Is it possible to mend a blemished soul? Most people would say no. Old Isaac says yes.

My new book, Old Isaac's Trail to Tranquility, is a guide to attaining inner peace and an anger-free life. In its pages, we'll see - in the most delightful, reader-friendly way - how to develop our spiritual potential and to maintain a healthy soul. Since the soul thrives on spirituality, spiritual development is a requisite for a healthy soul. A healthy soul is the only dependable immunization against anger and frustration. As such, spiritual enhancement leads to peace of mind and health of body, and serves as the world's most effective tool in helping us achieve our coveted goal of inner peace.

Old Isaac's Trail to Tranquility is designed for readers of all backgrounds, is more than a self-help book; it's a companion and best friend, as well as your personal path to attaining the inner peace that you've always dreamed of. The book is available online at Amazon and Kindle in either ebook or paperback formats.

See a one-minute vid about the book here:

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"3 Words of Emuna": Not Just a Book, a Best Friend

3 Words of Emuna ECover

What do you think is the world's biggest danger? From experience, I would say that forgetting one's emuna during trying times is worse than any other danger. Why? Wild animals, plagues, Katyusha rockets and perilous cliffs endanger the body, but forgetting one's emuna endangers the soul, robbing a person of his or her emotional health and peace of mind on the way.

This past year has been a rewarding one for me, but difficult as well to say the least. Just a year ago, I was hospitalized with my body seeming to come apart. I've had challenges with both my eyesight and my hearing. I had bouts of disappointment and disillusionment. With all the other chaos going on, I had to muster the courage to start a brand new life at age seventy. I had to bounce back or throw in the towel; the latter was not an option that was on my table, so I decided to go back to the basics and tap into Judaism's truth of pure and simple emuna. The result was this book - 3 Words of Emuna.

Not only did this little, pocket-size 98-page book give me a new lease on life, it continues to strengthen me. I made it pocket size so I could carry it around wherever I go. I kept it brief so that it would be easy to read, review and internalize. 

The first section of the book elaborates on the 3 magical words from he Torah, Ein Od Milvado - there is no one or nothing but Hashem - and what they mean for a person on a practical basis. The second section of the book explains the 3 principles of emuna, which give a person the strength to successfully weather and prevail over life's most severe challenges.

3 Words of Emuna is now available both in Amazon paperback edition and Kindle ebook edition. I hope and pray that it will help you on your search of happiness and inner peace. One thing is sure - it will encourage you and it won't let you lose hope under fire, for it's not just a little book - it's a best friend.