Spiritual Health

Hannah's Prayer

This is a vital message for everyone, but especially for women, telling about their two prodigious powers - faith and prayer. Despite all the righteous men in our history, we learn the proper and best way to pray from a woman - Hannah - the mother of the Prophet Samuel. This is encouraging and enlightening, especially during the Nine Days. Enjoy it and have a wonderful new month of Av and a great Shabbat and weekend...

Hannah's Prayer from lazerbrody on Vimeo.

A Lesson from Rebbe Oshiya of Tiria: Connecting with the Creator

From the Upper Galilee near the ancient town of Peki'in, we visit the holy gravesite of the "Amora", the early 4th Century CE Talmudic sage Rebbe Oshiya of Tiria, from whom we learn what it means to truly be connected to the Creator as a person of faith, not merely "religious"... Enjoy this 2-minute clip:

The Lesson of Rebbe Oshiya of Tiria from lazerbrody on Vimeo.

Yearning for Shabbat

Yearning for Shabbat
With thanks to the Almighty, I'm back home safely in the Land of Israel and my beautiful hometown of Ashdod, just in time for Shabbat. I call the photo above (doctored image), "Yearning for Shabbat" - it conveys the soul's elated feeling as the Friday afternoon sun sets over the Mediterranean, ushering in the Sabbath Queen. Nothing is so conducive to body-soul health as our holy day of rest. Blessings for a lovely Shabbat and for all your heart's wishes for the very best. Yours always, LB