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More Lazers!

Today's podcast is so incredible that we decided to post it both in read and in listen formats. The mp3 is right below the written post:

I get plenty of email from all over, but this past week, I received an email from Texas that is above and beyond the imagination of Steven Spielberg or Star Wars. This is an amazing story of Divine Providence, how Hashem intervenes in the lives of people who seem to be the furthest thing in the universe away from emuna. This story is so unbelievable that I asked the young lady who sent me the email if she allows me to reprint it; not only did she agree, but she doesn't even mind our using her real name. So here goes, and not a single letter of this email is edited in any way; here's what she wrote me:

Hi there! My name is Kenzi, and I have a story to share. I hope you find it comical but also touching. 

My dad and I discovered you in a crazy but awesome way... And you have become a really important part of our lives ever since! 

We were in a dark place in life, hanging out with some others who were lost. This was a very temporary spot in time, lasting only a few months... We were introduced to some very powerful drugs and ended up going too far with these substances.

One night during a binge, in a trance-like state, we were listening to space music and my dad remarks, "Hey... it needs more lazers!"  And somehow his Google was activated, it pulls up this video on YouTube... We are not even looking at the phone whatsoever, just listening to the sounds. Both of us were silently listening to this mysterious but soothing voice, until we passed out asleep. 

The next morning, I woke up laughing. I told my dad, "I thought GOD was talking to us last night! It was like He was telling me all the secrets of the universe. And now I can't even remember what He said!!" 

My dad started laughing too and said, "Me too!! That's crazy!! What was that??"

We looked at the history on our YouTube and saw a video of yours. We crack up laughing; so THIS was what we thought was God speaking to us! 

But then we started listening to what you were saying. Some of it was very inspirational. Some of it we did not understand....

And ever since then, you have been with us, Mr Brody.... We listen to you when bored, frustrated, sad, or even sometimes upon waking up in the morning! 

Also, I love to play the Sims 4 on my computer, and I have created you as a Sim character and gave you a lovely family! 

Every now and again, my dad will ask, "What's Rabbi Lazer up to?" And we will pull up your videos.

We are 100% sober now, and feeling better than ever.  Looking back at those times, your videos were one thing that was happy, funny, inspirational, and peaceful. 

Thank you for your work...


Peace be with you

Wow. That's Kenzi's email and that's the power of emuna, more than we can even imagine. When we help spread emuna, we have no idea about the lives we save. But more than anything, we learn about Hashem's love for a young lady in Texas named Kenzi Roady and her dad, enough to intervene in their lives and to throw them a life line that pulls them from the darkest dark to the light of emuna. May Hashem help all those in need to find the joy and light of emuna and may He give us all the continued strength to spread emuna far and wide, amen!