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"3 Words of Emuna": Not Just a Book, a Best Friend

3 Words of Emuna ECover

What do you think is the world's biggest danger? From experience, I would say that forgetting one's emuna during trying times is worse than any other danger. Why? Wild animals, plagues, Katyusha rockets and perilous cliffs endanger the body, but forgetting one's emuna endangers the soul, robbing a person of his or her emotional health and peace of mind on the way.

This past year has been a rewarding one for me, but difficult as well to say the least. Just a year ago, I was hospitalized with my body seeming to come apart. I've had challenges with both my eyesight and my hearing. I had bouts of disappointment and disillusionment. With all the other chaos going on, I had to muster the courage to start a brand new life at age seventy. I had to bounce back or throw in the towel; the latter was not an option that was on my table, so I decided to go back to the basics and tap into Judaism's truth of pure and simple emuna. The result was this book - 3 Words of Emuna.

Not only did this little, pocket-size 98-page book give me a new lease on life, it continues to strengthen me. I made it pocket size so I could carry it around wherever I go. I kept it brief so that it would be easy to read, review and internalize. 

The first section of the book elaborates on the 3 magical words from he Torah, Ein Od Milvado - there is no one or nothing but Hashem - and what they mean for a person on a practical basis. The second section of the book explains the 3 principles of emuna, which give a person the strength to successfully weather and prevail over life's most severe challenges.

3 Words of Emuna is now available both in Amazon paperback edition and Kindle ebook edition. I hope and pray that it will help you on your search of happiness and inner peace. One thing is sure - it will encourage you and it won't let you lose hope under fire, for it's not just a little book - it's a best friend.