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Generating Joy

The way to generate joy in our lives is to focus on our blessings. We surround ourselves with those gifts in life that we love. For many people, children and grandchildren are at the top of the list. For others, it's their car that they so lovingly wash and shine. Then there are the folks like me who prefer a loyal horse or shepherd dog to a machine anytime. Are we forgetting the apple tree in the back yard? I could go on and on, but you get the message.

Wait a second - there's something much better. Sure, we appreciate life's blessings and try to surround ourselves with them. But what about the greatest blessing that totally surrounds each of us? That's the Almighty's love that wraps our souls like a soft fleece blanket wraps a newborn baby. What's more, just as wool fabrics are organic and all-natural, meaning they have no synthetic fibers, there's nothing synthetic about the Almighty's love - it's always with us. There's a condition, though: a personal must enhance spiritual awareness to feel that love. That's just what emuna does; in the respect, nothing beats emuna in generating joy.

Our new website now under construction, "Lazer Beams" at, is intended to be a joy generator, helping people to enhance body-soul health and happiness by way of strengthening emuna, which is a life-long project just like caring for your physical health. G-d willing, we hope to launch ship shortly after Tisha B'Av in two weeks.

Our Wednesday Emuna Hour on Zoom, where our invitation-only group learns together on live broadcast and is able to have direct contact with me after the main lesson asking whatever questions and answers they like, will continue as an important part of Lazer Beams, where you'll find all our web resources at one address that's easy to remember,

For your personal invitation, subscribe to our newsletter, here at this link. We look forward to seeing you and wish you much joy, as much as you can handle!

Under Construction:

Under Construction LB
The time has come. I compare our 17-year presence on the internet as a little cabin on the prairie. While the rest of the world moved forward, we just banged more cyber nails and built shabby lean-to's to accommodate our needs. For example, Wordpress websites enable a website to have everything under one roof - blog, podcast, store and more. Here at Typepad, there's only blog service with no video or audio storage and capability. The plugins are limited and outdated. It makes life cumbersome, like plowing a field with a mule instead of a Massey-Ferguson. 

A website dedicated to emuna, health and wellness deserves more. So, after tons of prayer and after receiving the blessing of my esteemed teacher the Melitzer Rebbe shlit'a, we've embarked on a major project. The little shack with it's makeshift lean-to's is on the way out and a brand new website - the world's only emuna-oriented body-soul health and wellness website, including all the goodies of blog, podcast, weekly Zoom lessons and online store is on the way in. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, who believe in what we do, all content as well as participation in the live Zoom lessons will be free of charge. G-d willing, all our patch-on-patch web addresses will be replaced with one web address for everything - - and the new site will be called "Lazer Beams". Why?

First of all, they're a play-on words of my first name. The word "laser", the scientific spelling of the laser beam, is an acronym of "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation," in other words, intense, highly directed and focused amplified physical light. "Lazer" with a Z is our method of spiritual light amplification, where we amplify the soul's radiance by way of emuna, connecting it to its Creator in complete faith. Spiritually speaking, emotions come from the soul and the soul is a tiny spiritual microchip of Divine illumination in the brain. This is what many know as the life force. A deficiency of Divine light in the soul wreaks havoc on a person, manifesting itself in a variety of negative emotions and even physical ailments, all causing a deterioration of overall wellness.

Lazer Beams uses the cogent amplified spiritual light of emuna to help people overcome an entire spectrum of challenges from small worries to anxiety and PTSD. You won't find flowery parlor-room spirituality here nor empty platitudes that don't hold up under life's real stress tests. You'll find advice that has been field-tested in the toughest adversity of both battlefields and bomb shelters. The same advice that has helped so many people maintain self-composure in the strife-ridden south of Israel is now at your immediate disposal. To paraphrase the tire company, our spiritual guidance and life coaching is where the rubber meets the road. For too many people, too many days of their lives are storm clouds. Yet, with the help of emuna, we lift ourselves above the turbulence just like an aircraft that flies above the dark grey rumbling mist up into the clear blue sky.

G-d willing, after Tisha B'av, we'll hang our cyber mezuzah on Stick with us and G-d bless!

Why Emuna?

Ask anyone you like, Jewish or not, if they believe in God. Most people will answer in the affirmative. Now, ask one of the people who told you that they believe in God, what it means to believe in God. Few will give you a clear answer.

G-d willing, our new weekly classes on Zoom, entitled "Emuna Hour", will change all that. Join us on Zoom or own Facebook Live every Wednesday at 8:30 PM Israel Time. Here's your personal invitation:

Topic: Emuna Hour
Time: Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020 08:30 PM Jerusalem / 1:30 PM NYC
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Meeting ID: 865 7458 1688
Passcode: Emuna1

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Let's begin to get some answers:

"3 Words of Emuna": Not Just a Book, a Best Friend

3 Words of Emuna ECover

What do you think is the world's biggest danger? From experience, I would say that forgetting one's emuna during trying times is worse than any other danger. Why? Wild animals, plagues, Katyusha rockets and perilous cliffs endanger the body, but forgetting one's emuna endangers the soul, robbing a person of his or her emotional health and peace of mind on the way.

This past year has been a rewarding one for me, but difficult as well to say the least. Just a year ago, I was hospitalized with my body seeming to come apart. I've had challenges with both my eyesight and my hearing. I had bouts of disappointment and disillusionment. With all the other chaos going on, I had to muster the courage to start a brand new life at age seventy. I had to bounce back or throw in the towel; the latter was not an option that was on my table, so I decided to go back to the basics and tap into Judaism's truth of pure and simple emuna. The result was this book - 3 Words of Emuna.

Not only did this little, pocket-size 98-page book give me a new lease on life, it continues to strengthen me. I made it pocket size so I could carry it around wherever I go. I kept it brief so that it would be easy to read, review and internalize. 

The first section of the book elaborates on the 3 magical words from he Torah, Ein Od Milvado - there is no one or nothing but Hashem - and what they mean for a person on a practical basis. The second section of the book explains the 3 principles of emuna, which give a person the strength to successfully weather and prevail over life's most severe challenges.

3 Words of Emuna is now available both in Amazon paperback edition and Kindle ebook edition. I hope and pray that it will help you on your search of happiness and inner peace. One thing is sure - it will encourage you and it won't let you lose hope under fire, for it's not just a little book - it's a best friend.