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For Deeper Roots in the Land of Israel: Let's Continue Planting!

Thank you, cherished friends, for having helped us to plant well over 300 fruit trees in Israel.
The "Zo Artzeinu" organization and have informed us that the double offer has been extended until Feb. 12, 2021 because the weather is still excellent for tree planting and next year is Shemitta (Sabbatical) Year when planting is not allowed. Let's not miss this opportunity to sink our roots deeper in the Land of Israel:

Email Flyer 2021.2 - Shmitta - Efrati-Braun-Extended-Lazer-1000w

A Rare Opportunity to Plant Fruit Trees in Israel

Hashem is so fantastic! Just yesterday, I posted a full-length shiur about the importance of fulfilling the mitzvoth of the Land of Israel, especially with Tu B'Shvat a week from Thursday. After the shiur, I had this gnawing feeling at my heart. As a lover of the Land of Israel and a tree-fruit farmer who has planted hundreds, maybe thousands of trees all over Israel, I can't begin to explain the importance of planting fruit trees in settling our holy homeland. You see, a high-tech professional can work from his desktop or labtop anywhere, but a tree farmer has his hands, heart and entire life here in the Land of Israel. In fact, when you partner with a Torah-observant tree-fruit farmer in Israel, you also partner in the mitzoth of orlah, neta reva'i, trumah, maaser, shemittah and yishuv ha'aretz, settling the Land of Israel.

With amazing Divine Providence, my good friends at, a branch of Zo Artzeinu, contacted me this morning and asked if I'd like to offer people the opportunity to plant fruit trees in the Land of Israel. They had to be kidding! Of course! Right now, farmers in Israel begin planting now for the upcoming Shmitta; you can share in this fantastic mitzva and in the blessing that goes along with it. But I made a deal with them - if anyone comes to them from my recommendation, they have to double the plantings. I don't care how they do it, but they agreed - a deal's a deal, and everyone's a winner. Here's your chance for a really meaningful Tu B'Shvat. When you order the trees, fill in the Promo Code box, "Lazer", and you'll get double the trees to your credit. Hashem says, "I will ordain My Blessing for you" (Leviticus 25:21); double the planting, double the Blessing!

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The Special Mitzvoth of the Land of Israel

Emuna Beams is delighted to host one of the world's foremost experts on the mitzvoth of the Land of Israel, Rabbi Moshe Bunim Mintz shlit'a, head of the Halichot Ha'aretz rabbinical seminary in Israel. In the course of the lesson, which we hope will be the first of a series, we also learn the importance of living in the Land of Israel. The lesson is in Hebrew, with English translation by Rabbi Lazer Brody. 38 minutes.

The American-Jewish Olive

Today, an olive best categorizes the American Jew. We'll learn how and why in today's emuna-oriented analysis of current events in the USA.

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Yisgadal V'Yiskadash: MP3 Vocal

For those who had difficulty downloading the mp4 video of Yisgadal V'Yiskadash, here is a much lighter file of the vocal only. Click the link below the audio player, and you be directed to our site where thanks to our loyal donors, you can get a free download. This is a vital message about Aliya and sanctifying Hashem's Name, so there's big rewards in sharing this with as many people as possible. Hope to see you soon in Israel, with Moshiach and our rebuilt Holy Temple, amen!

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Yisgadal V'Yiskadash: Hashem's Holy Name and the Land of Israel

In Tana D'Bei Eliahu, Eliahu Hanavi teaches us that when the People of Israel settle in the Land of Israel, Hashem's Name is sanctified around the world. We therefore exalt Hashem's Name by settling in the Land of Israel and building it, as we see and hear below:

Yisgadal V'Yiskadash: Hashem's Holy Name and the Land of Israel from lazerbrody on Vimeo.

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Derech Avot: The Way of the Forefathers

Derech Avot, "The Way of the Forefathers," is the ancient road between Hevron and Jerusalem used to make pilgrimage to our Holy Temple from the south. On the way, there are a series of ritual baths - mikvas - that pilgrims would use to purify themselves. Rabbi Lazer Brody shows the remarkable lesson we learn here, for we're not just talking about a "way" to travel along, but a way to live our lives.

Derech Avot. The Way of the Forefathers from lazerbrody on Vimeo.

Aliya and Emuna

Many people have been asking for my thoughts on Aliya. Successful Aliya depends on emuna, but to attain complete emuna, a person must make Aliya. This 11-minute vid is very befitting for Erev Shabbat Lech Lecha, when our forefather Abraham, who is also the father of emuna, got his marching orders from Hashem. Here's food for thought, not just about Aliya, but where life is headed:

Aliya and Emuna from lazerbrody on Vimeo.

Reader's Feedback:

YK sent me a beautiful email about the above post; see this:

HaRav Brody, your comment about "kosher tomatoes" in Eretz Yisrael reminded me of an incident many years ago. My mother came for a visit when I was living in Migdal HaEmek, a development town in the Galilee. 
One time, she and I went to the outdoor shuk (open market) to buy produce. The tomatoes were exquisite,  so Mom selected the best of the best in order to harvest their seeds and plant them in her yard when she returned to Ohio. Mom grew up on a farm and she raised us on a home farm. She was an expert in harvesting seeds, storing them, and planting them in just the right environment for their optimal development. She was so anxious to get the seeds back to the States and eat  awesome Israeli tomatoes there!
What happened? Mom planted the seeds in the rich Ohio soil. But instead of big, lucious, juicy tomatoes...she got long, spindly vines with a few very small tomatoes. Such a disappointment! Everything seemed right - strong seeds planted in a rich soil. Optimum environment. Mom was baffled - in her 50 years of farming, this had never happened!
I think the tomatoes "knew" they were no longer in Eretz Yisrael. True, they did take root and produce tomatoes. But since they weren't in the optimal environment (Eretz Yisrael), they couldn't reach their peak development. We're like those tomatoes - we can only reach our peak in Eretz Yisrael. 
HaRav, you also mentioned Rav Pinchas Winston as one of the rabbanim encouraging aliyah. He wrote a fantastic book about just how special (and imperative) Eretz Yisrael is to a Jew and to Redemption - Talking About Eretz Yisroel-The Profound and Essential Meaning of Making Aliyah.  It's unbelievable how precious and critical it is for a Jew to live in the Land!
Thank you for this important video message. May all Jews desire the Land and come home!