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Yisgadal V'Yiskadash: Hashem's Holy Name and the Land of Israel

In Tana D'Bei Eliahu, Eliahu Hanavi teaches us that when the People of Israel settle in the Land of Israel, Hashem's Name is sanctified around the world. We therefore exalt Hashem's Name by settling in the Land of Israel and building it, as we see and hear below:

Yisgadal V'Yiskadash: Hashem's Holy Name and the Land of Israel from lazerbrody on Vimeo.

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Biden, Trump and Ushpizin

What does Ushpizin, the seven holy guests who visit our Succah every year during Succoth, have to do with Biden and Trump?

Hours after the USA Elections voting is over, there is still no clear winner. Ultimately, only one candidate - either Biden or Trump - will declared the next POTUS. 

The unique opportunity of 2020 is that every one of the 328.2 million Americans can be a winner, if they'd only listen to me.

As of now, nearly half of America is destined to be extremely, even violently disappointed, while the other half will be in a phenomenally elated.

Here's a word of comfort to the disappointed: you'll still have challa, fish, and wine on your Shabbos table, b'ezrat Hashem.

Here's a word of moderation to the elated: COVID 19 and Anti-Semitism won't be disappearing so fast.

To both groups I recommend: chill for a moment, stop and think. Either Biden or Trump will be a loser, but why should you be?

Grand Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter osb'm, the holy Sfas Emes of Gur (image at right), notes how previous generations of Sfas emesholy Rebbes could literally see the souls of the Ushpizin - Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph and David - walking into their Succahs. We can not, says the Sfas Emes. But although we lament that we are not on the level of previous generations, we are actually greater in the Almighty's eyes than they are. How? The great tzaddikim of yesteryear could see the Ushpizin with their own holy eyes. We cannot see them but we believe that they are there in our Succah.

Believing is a much higher level than seeing.

Brothers and sisters in America, don't be disappointed if your candidate loses. Hashem is doing everything for the best. What's best? Only Hashem knows. So even if you can't see how things will be good, believe that they'll be good and you too will elevate yourself to a lofty spiritual level, for emuna is much higher than seeing. for the believer, things will be good! What's more, many people see but they don't know what they're seeing.

I promise you, it's all for the best. This election is simply one big step closer to Moshiach. If we all smile and strengthen emuna, we're all winners.

Coronavirus: Effort or Emuna?

People are confused, especially when some rabbis have padlocked their synagogues while for others, it's business as usual. Many are asking me if listening to one's local medical authorities and refraining from praying in a synagogue or immersing in a men's mikva constitutes a lack of emuna. Today's podcast provides a detailed answer...

Purim and the Politically Incorrect

King Solomon, the wisest of all men that ever walked the face of the earth, said in the first chapter of Ecclesiastes that there's nothing new under the sun. We see this with our own eyes how the battle between the liberal Jewish establishment's political correctness and the seemingly antiquated Torah sages that took place in Mordechai's time back in ancient Persia is still taking place right now in the USA and in Israel.

Today's podcast combines emuna news with our annual Purim lesson. Feel free to the say this over at your Purim table. Happy Purim!

The Key to Successful Relationships

In today's video podcast, Rabbi Lazer tells a moving story from the Gemara in Tractate Taanis about Rebbe Yehoshua's encounter in Rome with Caesar and his daughter. When Caesar's daughter saw the renown Jewish sage from the Land of Israel, she asked,  "How can such magnificent wisdom be housed in such an ugly vessel?" In explaining this passage of Gemara, its Kabbalistic ramifications and the practical advice each one of us can glean from it, we learn the key to successful relationships. Today's lesson will not only help us choose friends and the right soulmate, but it explains the proper balance and relationship between body and soul.

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The Valiant Leader

During the difficult years of the Communist Revolution in Russia, the town's rabbi died. The elders of the town wanted the rabbi's son to inherit the position of town rabbi, whereas the young people of the town wanted a stronger, more forceful individual who understands the challenges of the generation. The arguing sides took their case to the Chofetz Chaim; the holy Chofetz Chaim's answer describes the exact type of leader we need today.

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Jersey City, Why?

No one can say that the Jersey City massacre doesn't affect him or her. The Gemara obligates us to engage in serious soul-searching whenever a fellow Jew's life is severed. We must ask ourselves the question - Jersey City, why? Today's podcasts searches for answers.

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