Emuna Beams Vids

Tending the Vines

Throughout Tanach, "Hashem's vineyard" (see Isaiah 5:7, for example) is a metaphor for the Land of Israel and the vines symbolize the Jewish People. On the Sabbath, we sing the ancient "Dror Yikra" sonnet that was composed over a thousand years ago by Donash ben Labert from Spain, where he alludes to a prophecy in Jeremiah 2:21 when Hashem promises that He will replant the "cuttings" - those who have been cut off from their ancient homeland - in His vineyard. As such, the flourishing vineyards in the Land of Israel are a clear sign of the imminent redemption and ingathering of the exiles, as is we see today with our own eyes.

Moving Mountains

Maybe you think that something is impossible - teshuva and emuna say that it is not. Maybe you think that you can't pick up a large-sized rock, but teshuva and emuna say that you can move mountains. People procrastinate and delay their Elul-obligation to prepare for Rosh Hashanah -that's regrettable, because it's really so simple and so very rewarding.

Candle in the Wind (the emuna version)

Elton John once performed for the Queen of England. If her majesty the queen would have ever heard the sweet-singer with the angelic ballad voice from London, our cherished friend and spiritual brother David Dome, then the queen would have told Elton to stay home or come to Buckingham Palace on another occasion...

If you're a BT (Baal Teshuva), or an Elton John fan, or a BT who used to listen to Elton John's music, then hear this emuna version of one his best songs, "Candle in the Wind." For many of us, this is the story of our lives; Enjoy it:

Candle in the Wind (the emuna version) from lazerbrody on Vimeo.