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Overcoming Your Acute Problem

Here's how a small segment of the cogent "Nishmas" prayer helps us defeat worry and depression while overcoming that nagging acute problem that each of us has. (Text of segment below vid):

"If our mouth was as full of song as the sea, and our tongue as full of rejoiceful singing  as the multitude of waves, and our lips as full of praise as the expanse of the horizon, and our eyes as brilliant as the sun and the moon, and our hands as outspread as the eagles of the sky and our feet as swift as antelopes -- we still could not thank You sufficiently, HaShem our God and God of our forefathers, and to bless Your Name for even one of the many thousands of thousand, thousands times thousands and myriads of favors, miracles and wonders that you performed for our ancestors and for us." (from "Nishmas" prayer, English translation by Rabbi Lazer Brody)

Emuna Beams News Roundup

The war continues to rage in the south of Israel as you see in today's Emuna News Roundup, where the people of Israel are facing back-to-back tragedies, with the terrible collapse of the bleachers in the Stolin-Karlin hall killing two people and constant unrest in Israel's local Arab population, a first since 1948. What do these back-to-back troubles mean and what can we do about it?