Tree Grown Cosmetics: The Avocado Facial

The world's finest cosmetics grow on trees.

Here are our favorite facial moisturizing treatments. If they're 100% effective in Israel's arid climate, they'll work for you too. Save your money - instead of all those expensive creams, try these fantastic tree-grown natural cosmetics, courtesy of the Creator and totally organic with no synthetic additives that might not be so conducive to your health in the long run:

Our #1-choice tree-grown cosmetic is avocado. Mash a ripe avocado in a glass dish. Spread it liberally all over your face and let it sit for 15 minutes (this can be combined with solitary personal prayer, because you won't want anyone to see you with a mushy green face). Wash the avocado off in cold water and you face will feel fresh, invigorated and completely moisturized.

Our second choice of tree-grown cosmetic is coconut oil. Natural unprocessed coconut oil hardens into a paste at temperatures below 76F (25C). Use it the same way you'd use a skin cream.

Our third choice of tree-grown cosmetics is olive oil. Olive oil is superb for skin lubrication and vitality, but for some people it clogs pores. For that reason, avocado is preferable for it doesn't clog pores. Another advantage of our tree-grown cosmetics is that they're all kosher for Passover. Add the smile of personal and collective freedom, and you'll look your best at the Seder table.

Leave a comment and let us know how the tree-grown cosmetic treatment worked for you.