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Body-Soul Harmony

Body-Soul Harmony
People who don't know me often say, "Hey, you don't look like a fitness trainer! Why don't you stick to being a rabbi?"

Two answers to the above comment: First, I'm not a YouTube trainer who wants to show his my six-pack abs and flaunt what he can do but what you can't. Second, what much of the rabbinical world either ignores, forgot, or never learned, coaching people in physical well-being is an integral part of spiritual leadership. Look at these prime examples from our sages:

  1. Our forefather Jacob out-wrestled an angel. He lifted boulders that ten shepherds together barely lifted.
  2. Each of Jacob's 12 sons was an expert in martial arts (see Malbim of Parshat Vayichi).
  3. Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel, who was both a juggler and a gymnast who could do pushups on his thumbs alone (see tractate Succa 53a)
  4. Rebbe Shimon ben Lakish (Reish Lakish) could broad jump the Jordan River; in addition, he was a former gladiator who was deadly in hand-to-hand combat.
  5. Maimonides was an expert in physical fitness who even codified the principles of health, nutrition and fitness within religious law. 

Brody Health and Wellness adheres to the timeless health advice of the Rambam, which promotes harmony of body and soul, in what we feel is true holistic health. What good is a perfect figure or 21" biceps if you suffer from anxiety and depression?

In my years of athletic experience, training in all different types of sports from running to weight training to wrestling and combat arts, I went through a vicious cycle of approaching what I thought was my peak fitness, then suffering a big setback of an injury or flu. I was repeatedly burning myself out rather than building myself up. Even while learning to become a fitness trainer and health coach, most of my teachers were teaching me the same methods that didn't lead to the results I was looking for.

With Hashem's help, I came to the conclusion that true fitness is the optimum state of body-soul well-being, when physical and emotional ills disappear and a person functions at his or her best. This is opposed to the person who wins the marathon, then spends the next two weeks recuperating in the hospital. With body-soul fitness, your goal is not to run the 42 kilometers, to build the massive triceps or to become the aerobic-dance queen who is so carbo-starved after her workout that she eats twice the carbs that she burned. Your goal is to feel good so that you can serve Hashem more efficiently and happily...

I came to the conclusion that genuine holistic fitness is functional fitness. Functional fitness means that you function effectively: despite your age, you can run, walk, climb and lift as you need to. It also means that your body is free of disease and your soul and emotions are free of their diseases - worry, anger, anxiety, worry, depression, jealousy and other negative emotions.

Our holistic approach addresses diet, disease prevention, exercise and lifestyle, is therefore the epitome of fitness, the true  balance of a healthy body in perfect harmony with a healthy soul. Do them both a favor and have a lovely Shabbat!

Introducing "Strength and Serenity"


The young man in the above photo cannot run 100 meters in 10-seconds flat. He also can't dead-lift three-times his body weight. But, he looks and feels great. He has fantastic posture, agility, flexibility and a wonderful disposition. His smile comes from deep down inside because his soul is just as healthy as his body is. Both have everything they need and neither suffers from deficiencies.

You can be just like him, with a little fine-tuning of your lifestyle. Maybe that sounds unrealistic, but it won't cost you a cent to try. Just stick with us. Now for the drum-roll...

It's my pleasure, privilege and dream come-true to introduce you to "Strength and Serenity". As for a formal introduction, "Strength and Serenity" is the blog of, the website of my new and independent venture, Brody Health and Wellness in Ashdod, Israel. Drawing on my unique background and on the credentials that I've acquired through decades of my own personal journey in life, "Brody Health and Wellness" in general and "Strength and Serenity" in particular take the truest approach to holistic health - all aspects of overall health and wellness including body, mind and soul. Our goal is for people of all backgrounds to be healthy and happy - it's that simple.

Some consider me a weird hybrid of Orthodox Jewish rabbi, certified health coach and fitness trainer. When you think about it, my credentials are really basic prerequisites for holistic-health and wellness-enhancement coaching. The opposite should be weird - a health coach and/or fitness trainer who is unaware or untrained in the workings of the human soul. Nothing has a more dramatic effect on overall health than the soul does, even more than diet and exercise.

If you want to feel happy and healthy while enhancing all aspects of your life including the way you look, the level of efficiency that you perform your daily tasks and your overall positivity and optimistic outlook on life, you've come to the right place. If you're just looking for 22" biceps or a bikini bod that you can flaunt at the beach, you won't like me or my blog - we're not for you. To be truly happy, you must be close to the Creator. To be close to the Creator, you must be humble. Those who flaunt their bodies are neither. Sure, we'll help you build a strong core for the sake of your functional fitness so that you can perform your mission in life much more efficiently. But, we're not going to teach you and goal-orient you toward six-pack abs. We regard the human body as a gift from the Almighty that houses the human soul, that tiny spark of His very Divine essence withing each of us. The body is sanct, not a vulgar piece of meat.

If you're still reading, stick with us - you'll love it here.

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We welcome you to "Strength and Serenity", with blessings that you attain the strength and serenity you yearn for. With the grace and guidance of G-d, we're here to help you do just that.