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March 2021

Dawn of Freedom

Emuna Hour this week is all about Passover and particularly a preparation for a meaningful Seder Night, showing how the "Festival of Matzoth", as the Torah refers to Passover, is every bit as relevant today as it was 3,331 years ago when Hashem freed us from bondage in Egypt. Enjoy it and blessings for a joyous and meaningful Passover!

The Best Boss

In this week's Emuna Hour, we learn that once we succeed in internalizing bitachon in every limb of our body and every fiber of our soul, we see magnificent things in life and abundance of all kinds. Enjoy it!

Emuna Beams is delighted to provide everyone, at no charge thanks to our donors, the full-length 57-minute audio download here of "The Best Boss" mp3, which you can listen to in your car, on your phone or wherever you like.