The Power of Speech and COVID-19

The Turkey Prince, Starring Yehuda Barkan, ob"m

As soon as Shabbat was over, I got word that Yehuda Barkan, ob"m, returned his sacred soul to Hashem during Shabbat, my third cherished friend this month who succumbed to COVID-19 (the first two were the Pittsburger Rebbe zatza"l and Dovid Raphael (Ben Ami) Feinshil zatza"l. Yehuda, one of Israel's leading film stars and producers, changed his lifestyle about a dozen years ago when he made teshuva. I used to teach Torah classes in his house when he was making his first steps back to Hashem.

In loving memory of Yehuda, I'm sharing with you one of his last films, a delightful rendition of Rebbe Nachman's story of the Turkey Prince. Some of the people appearing in the film are dear friends, including my inlaw Yisroel Dagan who plays the guitar and Daniel Dayan who plays the tzaddik that heals the turkey prince. Enjoy this, and may your enjoyment help Yehuda's soul rise higher and higher.


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