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Who's Behind the Beirut Blast?

137. Beirut Port Explosion.1

Here is this week's emuna news roundup that you certainly won't read or hear on conventional media channels.

Because of the preoccupation with the Coronavirus, the blast in Beirut on Tuesday, August 4th got much less attention than it deserved. Sure, the world looked at the explosion in superficial 21st Century style but failed to understand the ramifications of the blast, which are far more important to Israel and the Jewish People than Coronavirus. While Coronavirus is a pandemic, the Beirut blast wasn't planned to be in Beirut. It was planned to be a Hiroshima holocaust to level the city of Haifa, all of the Haifa Bay area and kill a million Jews, Heaven forbid. Hashem prevented that just as King David said he would.

King David said in Psalm 7:16 that our enemy digs a pit but he himself falls into it. That's exactly what Nasralla and Hezbolla did. I emphasize that the Lebanese People are not our enemy. Nasralla and Hezbolla are. They stored tons of highly volatile ammonium nitrate illegally in Beirut Airport, despite Nasralla's denials. The corrupt Lebanese government, which Hezbolla controls by force, blackmail and bribes, knew all about it but didn't do anything. Other segments of Lebanon's population suffer such as the Christians, the Druze and many of the Sunni Moslems suffer from Hezbolla tyranny and from their emasculated government's lack of protection. The proof is that Hezbolla cared less about the safety threat to the Beirut populace. What the liberal Western media doesn't tell you is that the ammonium nitrate was destined to become the superchargers of Hezbolla's missile warheads – tens of thousands of them – which turn conventional rockets into quasi nuclear threats as we saw in the mushroom vapor cloud that went up from the explosion in Beirut Port – it looked just like Hiroshima.

Here's a little history that your media also won't tell you. Hezbolla became world specialists in developing explosive devices and weapons enhancers by way of the use of Ammonium Nitrate. Ammonium Nitrate was the explosive material used in the roadside bombs that wounded and killed so many Israeli soldiers between the First and Second Lebanon Wars. Hezbolla exported this sinister know-how to their Afghani counterparts, the Taliban, by way of Iran. According to our very reliable intel sources, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRG) have been active amongst Taliban terrorists opposing the Afghan government. In fact, the same Iranian IRG military advisors that work with Hezbolla have also worked as advisors to the Taliban. Now here this, America – the same roadside aluminum-nitrate based bombs that wounded and killed so many Israeli soldiers are the culprits that maimed and killed so many American soldiers in Afghanistan. So when you put the puzzle together, it all stems from Iran.

This massive 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, which is – listen to this – 6 million pounds, had been sitting in Hangar 12 of the Port of Beirut, stockpiled by Hezbolla as the secret weapon to implement another Holocaust that Nasralla and Humeini planned for the Jewish People. In 2016, with a swine-like smirk on his face, Nasralla promised that a "nuclear explosion" just might detonate in Israel in the near future. Ever since, he and the IRG have been promising that Israel's demise is near. While the blast on Tuesday was "accidental", the damage would have been megatimes greater if only a few kilograms of aluminum nitrate would have been placed at the tips of 150,000 Hezbolla warheads fired at deadly precision all over Israel, Heaven forbid. Such a supercharger on a warhead makes it tens of times more devastating, depending on the rocket and its payload capacity.

Israel knew all about the stockpile. The Mossad even tipped off Britain's MI5 recently about 3 tons of the deadly material the Hezbolla stockpiled in the UK, where they were planning a hit similar to their devastating terror attack in Burgas, Bulgaria in July of 2012, when a Hezbolla suicide bomber blew up a bus carrying 42 Israeli tourists. The same was being planned for Golder's Green or Stamford Hill.

You see, as Jews, Israel cares more about Beirut's citizens much more than Hezbolla and Iran do. Here is also proof contrary to what many tried to do in pinning the blame on Israel that Israel had nothing to do with the blast. Hezbolla stockpiled the ammonium nitrate in warehouses that also held shipments of Iranian missiles that Hezbolla was also stockpiling. Israel goes deep inside Syria and Shiite-controlled portions of Iraq and to prevent weapons transfers to Hezbolla in Lebanon by ground routes. Our Navy also monitors Beirut Port to prevent weapons shipments by sea. As soon as Israel discovers missile shipments and stockpiles intended for Hezbolla – no matter where they are, be it in Syria, in Lebanon or in Iraq – Israel attacks and blows them. There was always one exception – the Port of Beirut.

Israel could have easily blown up the weapons stockpiles in the Port of Beirut but refrained from doing so, despite the terrible threat to us, because our country knew that the ammonium nitrate stockpiles would also blow, thereby causing devastation to the innocent civilian population. We cared about preventing damage to the people of Beirut whereas Nasralla, Hezbolla, Iran and Humeini could not have cared less. The arch terrorist criminal Nasralla connived that if he stockpiled his weapons where the ammonium nitrate was, they'd be safe from Israel. He was right; he knows that Israel risks its own soldiers to avoid damage to civilian populations of enemy countries. The reason Israel doesn't destroy Hezbolla's weapons depots in Beirut Port and in South Lebanon is because they're all in the midst of the civilian population, not just in warehouses but in mosques and hospitals.

But Nasralla was wrong about something else – he didn't take Hashem into account. Hashem decided that the threat to Israel in the port of Beirut was too great, so Hashem destroyed Hezbolla's doomsday weapon of ammonium nitrate. Hashem ignited the fire in Beirut Port. Who else could have set off such a massive nuclear-type blast leveling the Beirut port and Hezbolla's doomsday stockpiles, yet less than 160 people were killed in the blast. The number of fatalities according to nature should have been a hundred times greater.

Once again, this is not conventional news but emuna news. The purpose of today's podcast is not to present the news, to discuss politics or to analyze military strategy and scenarios. The purpose is to show what Hashem is doing for us without our knowledge and to thank Him. Here's why:

In Psalm 117, King David calls upon all nations, including our enemies, to praise Hashem, because His mercy on the Jewish People is so great. This really sounds weird at face value: why should Hamas, Hezbolla and Iran praise Hashem for His mercy on the Jews, when their hate for us knows no bounds? The answer is simple – only they know what they have been planning for us and only they know the extent to which Hashem has spoiled their plans.

The least we can do – every Jew or peace-loving human whoever you are and wherever you are – is to thank Hashem, from morning until night. We can never take for granted every new day when the sun shines on is. Thank You, Hashem. G-d bless and warmest regards from the Land of Israel.

Hear the above analysis on mp3 (8-minute podcast):


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