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August 2020

Mud and Potatoes

Today's podcast is not only enjoyable and inspiring, but it gets quite a bit done in 6 minutes, as follows:

1. Takes the confusion out of our task in Elul;

2. Provides simple but effective preparation for Rosh Hashanah;

3. Guarantees good health and adequate income.

Who can refuse such a deal? Not only does it not cost you a cent, but you may download this mp3 and share it with as many people as you like, courtesy of Emuna Beams and our wonderful supporters who, with Hashem's loving help, make this happen.

Candle in the Wind (the emuna version)

Elton John once performed for the Queen of England. If her majesty the queen would have ever heard the sweet-singer with the angelic ballad voice from London, our cherished friend and spiritual brother David Dome, then the queen would have told Elton to stay home or come to Buckingham Palace on another occasion...

If you're a BT (Baal Teshuva), or an Elton John fan, or a BT who used to listen to Elton John's music, then hear this emuna version of one his best songs, "Candle in the Wind." For many of us, this is the story of our lives; Enjoy it:

Candle in the Wind (the emuna version) from lazerbrody on Vimeo.