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June 2020

Unexpected Rains

People wake up in the morning hoping for a trouble-free day full of sunshine so that they can enjoy their plans of the picnic, the family outing or whatever they're looking forward to doing. But sometimes, unexpected rains fall and not only ruin their day, but soak them to the bone. Life's sudden troubles are just like those unexpected rains; here's how to cope with them... Enjoy today's podcast and have the loveliest Shabbat imaginable!

The Butterfly

Today's shiur is dedicated to the loving memory of Hannah Suzanne Margaret Callen, ob'm

Many people have tremendous difficulty in coping with the concept of death and believing in life after death, which is the Thirteenth tenet of our faith. The Almighty helps us understand with His own living parable of life after death, the butterfly. 

The Butterfly from lazerbrody on Vimeo.

Spiritual Math: Absolute Value and Channeling Your Power

The Creator gave you the power to attain greatness. If you haven't yet done that, it's not because you lack talent and ability; it's simply because you haven't yet channeled your power in the right direction. Today's podcast is a must-hear for your realization of potential and personal development. Enjoy, and have a lovely Shabbat!

Holy Fruit of the Land of Emuna

Today's shiur is dedicated to the memory of Chaya bas Mayer v'Esther, A"H

Maybe a tangerine from the Land of Israel looks like a tangerine from California of Florida, but spiritually, but according to Kabbalah, they are as different as night and day. Today's politically incorrect podcast also explains why a Jew must strive to make aliya and live in the Land of Israel, something that more and more people are contemplating, especially since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic and the rabid growing tidal wave of anti-Semitism in the West.

Meet Old Isaac

OI Newsletter
I'd like to introduce you to Old Isaac the innkeeper. Old Isaac is an allegorical character, but I've had the privilege learning from several saintly and scholarly individuals who resemble Old Isaac in every way.

Old Isaac the innkeeper transcends time. He looks like a combination of Rip Van Winkle, Elijah the Prophet, and Heidi's Alpine grandfather. He's as massive as a medium-sized Brahma bull, but as gentle as a lamb. He loves people. You'll be amazed how much he loves and understands you in particular.

Look at the picture, above. That's him standing over there on the front porch of his quaint country inn, in his black-leather knee-high Cossack boots, sheepskin vest, and Ukrainian fur cap. Don't be shy – go say hello. You're about to receive the warmest greeting you can imagine. Old Isaac's semi-tooth smile is as warm as summer sunlight...

* * *

Few of us are aware of our souls. Spiritually, we barely know ourselves. That's problematic, because emotions stem from the soul. The turbulent emotions of frustration, anxiety, and especially anger come from torn and damaged souls. We owe ourselves the freedom from the chains of these turbulent emotions, but do we dare dream about a life of inner peace? Is an anger-free life really within an average person's reach? Is it possible to mend a blemished soul? Most people would say no. Old Isaac says yes.

My new book, Old Isaac's Trail to Tranquility, is a guide to attaining inner peace and an anger-free life. In its pages, we'll see - in the most delightful, reader-friendly way - how to develop our spiritual potential and to maintain a healthy soul. Since the soul thrives on spirituality, spiritual development is a requisite for a healthy soul. A healthy soul is the only dependable immunization against anger and frustration. As such, spiritual enhancement leads to peace of mind and health of body, and serves as the world's most effective tool in helping us achieve our coveted goal of inner peace.

Old Isaac's Trail to Tranquility is designed for readers of all backgrounds, is more than a self-help book; it's a companion and best friend, as well as your personal path to attaining the inner peace that you've always dreamed of. The book is available online at Amazon and Kindle in either ebook or paperback formats.

See a one-minute vid about the book here:

Old Isaac's Trail to Tranquility from lazerbrody on Vimeo.

The Diamond Digger

Today's podcast is dedicated to the loving memory of Jack R. Cohen, Yaakov Yisrael ben Chaviva A"H

There is a terrible phenomenon, even within "religious" circles, of scoffing at baalei teshuva, converts and Noahides because of their pure and innocent desire to strengthen faith and get closer to Hashem. And even within many "religious" communities, people scoff at those who strive past group norms of mediocrity. Today's podcast is a message of encouragement to the victims of the scoffers, who like King Solomon says, will have the last laugh at the scoffers.

You Can if You Want

Hashem gives three wonderful gifts to Israel, all of which come with a price tag of big obstacles – the first is Torah, the second is the Land of Israel and the third is World to Come. The more something is precious, the greater the obstacles in obtaining it. To overcome those obstacles, we must have desire. Don't say you can't...