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Disconnect and Connect

Disconnect and Connect 29.3
No one knows better how to maintain your new car than the manufacturer - he's the one who wrote the owner's manual.

In like manner, no one knows better how to care for body and soul than their Creator. He too wrote an owner's manual, which tells us to observe the Sabbath.

Many perceive the Sabbath as limiting - mandatory disconnection from all types of weekday activities, especially digital connection to social media and email. How many people expect you to be digitally connected 24/7 and to respond to them instantaneously, too — especially with email and social media read receipts. This is a formula for burnout. The mind and soul never get a break, resulting in massive secretions of cortisol, the stress hormone. An excess of cortisol obstructs weight loss and promotes fat-storing and weight gain. It also ruins a good-night's sleep and triggers irritability, lack of patience, depression and mood swings.

Sabbath - Shabbat, as we say in Hebrew - is a day of rest from cortisol and stress. We turn our smartphones off and disconnect from social media. Instead of listening to the beeps and buzzes of media alerts, we listen to our loved ones and to the chirping of the birds. As we disconnect from the external world, we connect to the internal world - our Creator, our loved ones and our own souls. It's a time of physical and emotional relaxation and reset that replenishes and rejuvenates body and soul.

If you don't already, try a day of disconnecting every week. Pick Shabbat. Don't just disconnect; connect too - to your spouse, your children, your Creator and yourself. Take a walk in the park or to somewhere beautiful, where you can meditate and commune with your Creator. You'll feel great. Blessings for a lovely Shabbat and a beautiful weekend. Yours always, Lazer

Take that First Step

First step

A group of friends once made a trip together. On the way to their destination, they saw someone standing with a backpack on a desert crossroads. Seven days later, on their way home, they encountered the same person with the backpack standing on the same desert crossroads in the hot sun. The group of friends asked the backpacker, "Why are you standing here?"

"I want to go to Jerusalem," responded the backpacker. "I'm waiting for a ride."

"How long have you been waiting?" they asked.

"More than a week," he answered.

They laughed. "Jerusalem's only a two-day walk from here. If you'd have started walking, you could have been there and back four times already!"

Many of us want to change, yet we expect it to happen automatically, with no effort on our part. Life doesn't work that way. An old Hebrew expression says, "Even a journey of a thousand kilometers begins with a first step."

For years, you've been dreaming of getting in shape, losing weight, ridding yourself of an annoying habit, feeling better about yourself or "all of the above". Take the first step! Walk for a few minutes or begin using the stairs instead of the elevator. Have a glass of water instead of the cola or an apple instead of the piece of cake. You'll feel so much better. Set goals that are reachable, and gradually raise the bar. Before you know it, you'll be well on the way to accomplishing things that you never thought you could. "Strength and Serenity", our blog here at, is here to help you do just that. Stick with us and feel free to sign up for our free newsletter, which you can do on the toolbar at the right side of this site.

Don't be afraid - go ahead and take that first step up your personal mountain. Step by step, you'll get to the top.

Stick with us; things here are brand new and we're just warming up. G-d willing, we plan to post 2-3 times per week with "money-in-the-bank" practical advice for your health of body, mind and soul in a way that you'll thoroughly enjoy.

Introducing "Strength and Serenity"


The young man in the above photo cannot run 100 meters in 10-seconds flat. He also can't dead-lift three-times his body weight. But, he looks and feels great. He has fantastic posture, agility, flexibility and a wonderful disposition. His smile comes from deep down inside because his soul is just as healthy as his body is. Both have everything they need and neither suffers from deficiencies.

You can be just like him, with a little fine-tuning of your lifestyle. Maybe that sounds unrealistic, but it won't cost you a cent to try. Just stick with us. Now for the drum-roll...

It's my pleasure, privilege and dream come-true to introduce you to "Strength and Serenity". As for a formal introduction, "Strength and Serenity" is the blog of, the website of my new and independent venture, Brody Health and Wellness in Ashdod, Israel. Drawing on my unique background and on the credentials that I've acquired through decades of my own personal journey in life, "Brody Health and Wellness" in general and "Strength and Serenity" in particular take the truest approach to holistic health - all aspects of overall health and wellness including body, mind and soul. Our goal is for people of all backgrounds to be healthy and happy - it's that simple.

Some consider me a weird hybrid of Orthodox Jewish rabbi, certified health coach and fitness trainer. When you think about it, my credentials are really basic prerequisites for holistic-health and wellness-enhancement coaching. The opposite should be weird - a health coach and/or fitness trainer who is unaware or untrained in the workings of the human soul. Nothing has a more dramatic effect on overall health than the soul does, even more than diet and exercise.

If you want to feel happy and healthy while enhancing all aspects of your life including the way you look, the level of efficiency that you perform your daily tasks and your overall positivity and optimistic outlook on life, you've come to the right place. If you're just looking for 22" biceps or a bikini bod that you can flaunt at the beach, you won't like me or my blog - we're not for you. To be truly happy, you must be close to the Creator. To be close to the Creator, you must be humble. Those who flaunt their bodies are neither. Sure, we'll help you build a strong core for the sake of your functional fitness so that you can perform your mission in life much more efficiently. But, we're not going to teach you and goal-orient you toward six-pack abs. We regard the human body as a gift from the Almighty that houses the human soul, that tiny spark of His very Divine essence withing each of us. The body is sanct, not a vulgar piece of meat.

If you're still reading, stick with us - you'll love it here.

At the navigation links at the top of this webpage, you can read all about me and our services at Brody Health and Wellness. See our disclaimer, where I tell you what I am not, as well as our contact info. Feel free to stay in touch. We invite you to sign up for our free newsletter, which you can do at the right-hand toolbar of this site.

We welcome you to "Strength and Serenity", with blessings that you attain the strength and serenity you yearn for. With the grace and guidance of G-d, we're here to help you do just that.


Surprised? You thought you were reaching Lazer Beams? It's still there for a few more days...

The way to stay young is to start a new life and a brand new venture - it doesn't matter how old you are. If you're growing and learning, you're young. If not, you're old even at 23.

As of midnight Sunday night, we are formally introducing you to "Strength and Serenity", the new blog of Brody Health and Wellness, my new health and wellness venture that is built on my training and career expertise as an ordained rabbi, certified health coach and fitness trainer.

Be patient for a few more hours, and we'll soon start rockin' our way to good health and happiness, with the Almighty's loving grace. Meanwhile, have a look around the site and feel free to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

See you soon!

Every blessing, Lazer